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Conventional Route

Carries & Forwards (C&F)

After the production of goods, a company needs to send them to the market for sales and distribution. Here come the C&F agents, who act as a channel between the firm and distributors and transfer the stock from the firm to the distributors.


Distributors, just like common people, like to sell various types of products from individual suppliers as they care about administrative costs. Also they judge your products using yardsticks different from your ultimate consumers. Hiring a wise distributor results in greater exposure of the product in the market and gives an edge in terms of momentum and effectiveness.


A dealer is someone, often a middleman between the distributor and the consumers, who buys goods for their business, stocks them up and then sells them as ready-made goods. A good dealer helps a brand attract customers from other dealers in the market.


Partnering with your retailers would help a lot in expanding the reach of your brand. As they are already into the business, you being the manufacturing firm can save the costs of the sales process and the trouble of managing them. You can come up with your merchandise and fixtures for the retailers, which results in attracting the consumers